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 Kemet was the original name of Ancient Egypt.

The name ‘Kemet” was chosen because of Egypt’s significance and contribution to mankind. The New Kemet will shape the course of humanity. Being Kemetic is not a religion. We are not affiliated with any religious order or sect. Ancient Kemites were Original People existing in their Original State.

Who Is The Master Builder of Kemet?

Meet The Builder of Kemet

Nana Kofi Opoku is responsible for the building of the New Kemetic City. Nana Kofi is a 35 year old born in the Asante Kingdom of Ghana. He is the Chief Director of the Global League of International Powers Federation,(the GLIP Federation)( GLIP Federation is a 501 C 3 non-profit organization currently headquartered in Boston Massachusetts. 

Nana has lived in the U.S, for almost 30 years and is linked to some of the most powerful families in Ghana. At a young age, Nana kofi was removed from his extended family and brought to the United States for school. He has since then attended several prominent tertiary Institutions such as Howard and Harvard University.  

 Recently, while attending Harvard University, an egregious racial prejudice with Harvard officials became the final straw for him. Nana had enough, he has vowed to change the narrative for African People EVERYWHERE


Where Will Kemet Be?

Nana Wiafe Akenten III

Kemet will be built in the Ashanti Region in Ghana, West Africa. The Land allocated to Nana Kofi is NOT the property of ANY national government. It was provided by the Paramount Chief King Nana Wiafe Akenten III of the Offinso Kingdom in the asante Empire.

 On May 11th, 2020, Nana Kofi  reached out to family ties back home in Ghana. He got in touch with the powerful Paramount King (Nana Wiafe Akenten III) of the Offinso Kingdom (Asante Empire).  Nana Kofi expressed concern for the racism and mistreatment of Africans in the diaspora. Nana Kofi requested that the King provide land for him to develop a city of innovation to assist in developing the continent. Nana Kofi also requested that the King pledge to protect all  the people and property returning to live in the City.

The King agreed to all of Kofi’s requests. He allocated 100 acres to Nana Kofi and promised to provide more land as needed. The King has declared that Nana Kofi is to be the authority figure of the city, under the full protection and authority of the Asante Empire.


The Innovation Embassy Estate is the nation’s first residential community. The Embassy will provide resources for innovation on the African continent

Nations have Embassies where their citizens can report for assistance in foreign land. The Embassy will be the first of its kind for Black People in (United States, Europe, Asia and any territory outside of Kemet). 

Our two main objectives are:

To provide a Safe Haven for ALL African innovation

To develop systems, initiatives and technology to better serve Africans EVERYWHERE, such as;

  • Global Justice Initiatives to address human rights issues against people of African decent ( such as police brutality, mass incarceration and genocide)
  • Science & Research initiatives
  • Food & Agricultural Initiatives

So How Can I Get Involved? What can i do?

We want Entrepreneurs, Investors, Professionals, Students and people who want to see African development. 

We will build KEMET together.

There are 3 ways to get involved: 

You can donate financially, become an Ambassador to bring your expertise and skill, or purchase land.  We suggest you do all three. Lets make it happen.

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